You Need To Connect Some Smart Contract Files In Our Website.

Minimum Qualifications
• 1+ years of software experience
• 1+ years Python or Javascript experience
• 1+ years of React.js
• 6+ months Solidity experience
• 6+ months React experience
• Proficient in writing & speaking English

Good understanding of perpetual integration tools and blockchain operation tools.
Good understanding of blockchain test tools (e.g.Truffle/ Embark)
Knowledge of demand structures and exchange related generalizations
Really Suffered withNode.js,React.js and web3
Knowledge of Sureness security testing tools.
Full mountain capabilities.

At least one scheme installed on mainnet that holds real druggie resources.
Another than 4 eras as a software coder in general ( experience outside of blockchain included).


React.JS Redux Node.js javascript, Solidity

Salary : Discussion

Submit(CV)/Contact: https://t.me/Smith_BullLaunch



We are doing audit with top recommended Security team CERTIK !

Audit Is Now Onboarding, Within 20 September The Security Check Will Finish & Report Also.

We are doing everything with high security. There are no chance to feeling insecure.



- What is NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a data unit in a blockchain, mainly ethereum, that represents a digital file such as a meme, song, photograph or tweet. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but its blockchain supports these NFTs, and other blockchains can implement their own versions of NFTs. (Short Information)

🌟 Our IDO platform has some advance facilities for NFT platforms. And they will get some advantage to rise fund.



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The Bull LaunchPad network multipurpose platform built on the blockchain for earlystage cryptocurrency projects to gain access to an incubator while supporting and enabling the environment to launch their token. Another fantastic feature or protocol of Bullpad is its swap pools that allow blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to raise funds. On the Bull Pad, these projects can easily create swap pools that would enable them to raise funds securely. Users can invest without risks
since smart contracts automatically execute the swaps.